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Quit smoking...or else

This is awesome. Americans are fat, out of shape, unhealthy and need to quit smoking. Just look around the local mall or airport. Finally, a company is doing something about it. Crown Laboratories, makers of Blue Lizard sun block, has decided not to pay their employees health insurance if, based upon set criteria, their employees are not "healthy". Factors considered are smoking, weight, physical activity, etc. Read this quote from the article Get Healthy...Or Else:

Last fall, Bedard [CEO of Crown] decided he'd had enough and he rolled out a tough new wellness program designed to force his 61 employees to live healthier lives. Each worker is required to get an annual on-site health assessment. Based on a number of indicators--including blood pressure, weight, physical activity, and cholesterol levels--the individuals are given a "wellness number" of up to 24. Those who improve their scores by at least three points a year, or maintain a score of 20 or more, will get a $500 bonus and extra days off. Smoking is now officially against Crown policy--even during off-hours--and nicotine levels are measured in the health assessment. Smokers have until January 2007 to kick the habit. If they don't, they'll have to start paying their own health insurance premiums.

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