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Response to "Is Atlanta the Best HS bball city in the US?"

In response to my recent post asking "is Atlanta the best high school basketball city in the US?", my buddy JB responded via email with this great reply. Although he's just as bias as I am, the reply deserves it's own post just for effort and originality. But the best part of this post is that he wrote it from the law school library, where we both should be studying for finals.

the atl has the best hs bball??? Im not too sure about that. Anytime you have to use the name Kwame Brown to prove how good of a basketball town you are its not a good sign.

Did "columnist" Curt Bunn of the AJC ever hear of "the city of brotherly love"? I wont get into all the details but all I have to say is Kobe, McKie and 'Sheed. Not to mention all the great hs players who end up going to Penn or Drexel and help carry on the tradition of the Big 5. Maybe Bunn should write a story on how the Emory - Valdosta St game is one of the best rivalries of all time..right behind Xavier-Cincy.

If CB decided to head north on the turnpike from Philly he would run into a little town called Bethlehem. There he will find that greats such as Billy Packer and Dan Kendra played their basketball in B-town. Go a bit farther north and you run into Gerry McNamara country.

I rest my case. Not only is Philly the best basketball city...hs and college..all of NE PA is just filled with bball talent!

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