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The wine industry's Donald Trump

The wine industry has to be an amazing business as far as profits go. There's a stylish wine bar outside my window (notice the "Eola" name) and it's busy 7 days a week from about 5 PM - 2 AM. I would bet that 95% of the people (mostly yuppies) in there couldn't tell the difference between good wine and Costco wine (I know I can't). They end up spending $10 on a glass of wine and they think they got a good deal. Little do they know that the wine bar probably paid $10 for 2 bottles of wine.

That being said, you have to check out Gary Vaynerchuk's Wine Library TV video blog. It's pretty hilarious. Vaynerchuk is the Director of Operations at the Wine Library, a bricks and mortar wine retailer in New Jersey. His video blog has become an internet phenomenon, and in the process he has turned the small, family owned wine retailer into a mult-million dollar buisiness.

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