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12 Meals. 2 Hours. Simple.

The Dinner A'Fare is a pretty creative concept. It's a studio kitchen where you have a two-hour session to assemble 12 family-sized entrees to take home and place in your freezer. They prepare all the food for you (slicing, dicing, shopping). You simply compile the ingredients the way you want.

I like their concept of charging a lump sum for their service. By emphasizing that 12 meals can be made, people are willing to pay the $140 price. It's similar to the monthly membership barber shops that I've seen. Both ideas are also franchise concepts.

I've heard some people suggest that Starbucks would be more profitable if it charged a monthly membership fee for regular customers. Maybe it's just wishful thinking, because it'd definitely be a great deal for those daily customers shelling out $4/ day. [via MR]

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