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Alternative city rankings

Lists are constantly coming out ranking cities as the best to live, best for singles, best for business, and the best for guys. However, I suggest two alternatives for ranking the best cities in the U.S.

1) Uni Watch's most livable Uni cities // ranking the best cities in terms of athletic unis

2) Best towns/cities of the SEC (regarding co-eds) // this list was sent in by loyal reader RW with these comments:
It appears the SEC not only dominates other conferences in SPEED, but they also dominate them in the amount of hot bitches on campus. This man had the enviable task of going around to all campuses last season and rating them in regards to their hotties. My two favorite comments:

1) When discussing the amount of hotness at Ole Miss (a campus which should face sanctions from the UN for hoarding huge amounts of the world's hottie count in one area) he describes his wife's reaction as a "Massive eyeroll" which makes me wonder if he was hanging out with my wife that weekend UGA played Ole Miss in Oxford last year.

2) When describing fake breast the author writes: "if it's inside the skin then it isn't fake. I mean, you don't run around pointing to people with new hearts or new hips or new knees and talk about how those are fake hearts or fake knees or fake hips. They're just breasts, glorious, under-the-skin breasts."

My thoughts exactly - glorious, under-the-skin breasts.

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