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Apple's announcement

Every year Apple has a MacWorld Expo. Every year, founder Steve Jobs seems to announce something bad ass. Today the Expo took place. Today a bad ass Apple device was announced - the iPhone. Their stock subsequently soared. Watch Jobs' keynote address. Read this description for full details. Here's the specs:

4 GB ($499) and 8 GB ($599) models
thinner than a Motorola RAZR
3.5 inch touchscreen with a virtual keyboard
2 megapixel camera
WIFI enabled and runs OSX
Cingular service only
standard web sites can be viewed via Safari web browser
motion sensor that rotates photos when you turn the phone
release date: June 2007 in U.S.

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At 7:58 AM, Anonymous Highland IA said...

That thing is awesome. I wonder how they'll do when they come out. Apple's got it going, but you can guarantee that it'll have seom glitches.

At 10:45 AM, Anonymous tc said...

I am not one to jump on the apple band wagon, but I just watched all the videos about the phone and that thing is absolutely amazing. The size is perfect and it's thin. The screen is very big for a smart phone. And it can pick up wi-fi, so speeds are faster when you are in a hot spot. Not to mention the safari browser that it has is badass for a phone. Too bad my phone is only a year old and I'm on Sprint. Maybe in a year or two the iPhone Nano will be out and I can buy that one and switch to Verizon.

At 11:21 PM, Blogger Adam McFarland said...

Honestly, this thing kicks the sh*t out of my iPod...if the HD was a little larger than 8GB (maybe 20GB) I'd buy the thing in a heartbeat. I like having all my music (~12GB) in one spot, but that 's just me.


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