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In protest of Donald, his wife Melania gets the UE love. How in the world did he pull thi$?

Trump's been pretty annoying recently. I used to think his self-promoting way was comical, now it's just gotten obnoxious. This is a perfect example, in my opinion, of overexposure and quitting when you're on top. Trump's Apprentice show had top ratings for 1-2 seasons, but after that they dropped considerably. He should have stopped while his stock was high. People were loving him after those first couple seasons. He'd regained his position as a pop culture icon.

This season, which started last night has a bunch of new twists including L.A. replacing N.Y as the film's locale and his daughter Ivanka replacing Carolyn in the boardroom. Also, in a cheesy twist, the losing team has to sleep outside of a L.A. mansion in tents until they win a task. Despite its shortcomings, The Apprentice is a pretty good lesson in the hustle and creativity entrepreneurs undertake. Read the full write up of last night's episode on Inc. Follow the entire season here.


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Holy Trump!


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