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Best ballparks

I'm not a big baseball fan. There's way too many games (162). It's funny how they labor through all those games and then a team can be eliminated in the playoffs in three games. Plus you have to admit, baseball is boring. Pitch ... wait ... hitter adjusts crotch ... wait ... steps up to plate ... wait ... hitter calls time ... wait ... pitcher adjusts hat ... wait ... pitcher puts dust on hand ... wait ... windup ... wait ... pitch ... wait ... umpire calls ball.

However, I do like the history and nostalgia associated with ballparks of all kinds. Check out this great breakdown of the best ballparks 1-30.

Top 5:
1. AT&T Park, San Francisco
2. Wrigley Field, Chicago
3. PNC Park, Pittsburgh
4. Fenway Park, Boston
5. Petco Park, San Diego


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