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I'm jumping on the Boise State bandwagon

Boise State University...holy canoli! Their win in the Fiesta Bowl against heavily-favored Oklahoma was the stuff movies are made of. I wouldn't be surprised if the story of this game was picked up by a movie studio. Everything came together perfectly in this David vs. Goliath matchup. Some are saying it was the greatest college football game ever. I'll have more on the game soon (pics, videos, etc.). Here's a taste:

About a week before the game, when BSU's hometown newspaper, The Idaho Statesman, asked Oklahoma tailback Allen Patrick about the Broncos, Patrick's first response was, "I ain't never heard of them." Read the rest of this story.

In the Fiesta Bowl, BSU executed three of the gutsiest, big-time trick plays ever in the history of college football...all in do-or-die situations (4th down) with the game on the line. The final play of the game (a Statue of Liberty-type trick play) might be the best play in college football history. Videos coming soon.

Only 10 minutes after scoring the game-winning extra point, running back Ian Johnson proposed to his girlfriend, Chrissy Popadics, Boise State's head cheerleader while being interviewed on national television by ESPN's Chris Meyers.

Boise plays their home games at Bronco Stadium on blue astro turf, the only team in the country playing on a non-green surface.

Apparently Johnson is a world class crochet knitter, as his finished products are wildly popular all over Boise, selling as quickly as he can produce them. He primarily makes and sells pretty cool looking men's & women's beanies. I'm trying to track down a link or picture.


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