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Thoughts on Windows Vista

From loyal reader/contributing writer RW:

This is an MSNBC article that I really enjoyed about a Mac user (in fact he used to work for Apple back in the day when Microsoft was stealing everything) who switched to Vista and then ultimately switched back to a Mac. From what I can tell, Vista seems to be pretty impressive as long as your computer has the necessary power to handle it, and Microsoft certainly seems to be making significant strides towards an integrated Home computer network. A guy I work with has been testing Vista and he says as long as your computer is over 1 gig processing you should be good.

Features I enjoyed:
1) Vista's ability to record live TV (much like TiVo) while you are working on it.
2) Compatibility with other Microsoft products such as their 360 gaming system.

1) While it talked about Vista's new photo software it didn't mention anything about video editing software (possibly because Vista doesn't really have a good capability for it yet, I don't know).

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At 7:34 AM, Blogger 479352 said...

but I had the ability of recording TV back in 1999 when I was on Win98, lol. Surely Vista has a few more things worth mentioning


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