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Top 14 things to do before turning 30

They say "youth is wasted on the young". Prove them wrong. Make something of yourself. Do something with yourself. This is a pretty fun topic. I found some other lists which are pretty interesting. 30 sports things to do before you turn 30, top 10 things to do before you turn 30, Travel Channel's 99 things to do before you die, 8 things to do financially before you turn 30. And here's two of my favorites from Maxim's list: go to your high school reunion dressed as a homeless guy, hold auditions for a posse, invite friends over for dinner, then mail them a bill for everything they ate.

Here's my top 14. I have about 2.5 years to get these done.

Top 14 things to do before turning 30

1) Travel the U.S. in a conversion van or RV. Make a loop covering as many states that you would never normally go to as possible. Some states I'd like to visit: New Mexico, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, all of California, Missouri, and Texas.

2) Write a book.
At least start writing something by 30. It's when your most interesting life stories most likely occurred. Start with a couple pages a month. Some ideas: non-fiction about life as a twentysomething, cook book for guys, interview book of creative minds.

3) Live in New York City.
It's not the same visiting as a tourist. You have to shop at an urban grocery store, run along the Hudson River, play hoops on the public courts, and hang out at Central Park on a sunny Sunday. In my opinion the best city in the world.

4) Travel Europe using only public transportation.
There's too much to write about on this one. Don't do the 9 cities in 7 days thing. Take the time to get to know your favorite cities.

5) Start a business.
Low risks. High rewards. No better time to do it. Pick a passion and make it happen. If you don't do it soon, slowly but surely your creativity will evaporate and your attitude jaded by the corporate life. Use the power of the internet to spread the word. Hot businesses: blogging, green companies, customized products, inspirational apparel (think LiveStrong bracelets and Project (red) apparel).

6) Conquer a physical challenge (ie. develop a six pack, marathon, triathlon, win your old-timers league).
This is more a permanent lifestyle thing than a one time goal. You are nothing without a sound mind in a sound body. Everything is better if you're in shape - you feel better, you look better in any threads, clothes fit better, you sleep better, you're more productive, and best of all you can eat more.

Give back to others. Start a non-profit. Start a volunteer group. Tutor/coach/mentor kids that need help and/or support. Volunteer your time on the weekends. If you're reading this blog, you've most likely experienced a good life. Give back to those that haven't had the same luck.

8) Take a yearly road trip to a big-time sporting event.
Guaranteed best weekend of your life (at least what you can remember of it). The actual sporting event isn't important, the group you travel with is. See #10 for who to take it with.

9) Start a creative project.
I'm watching Super Size Me right now and that's a creative project. Start a flag football league. Make a documentary. Start a think tank with your creative friends.

10) Plan 2 yearly trips - 1 with family, 1 with friends.
All you need is a long weekend. People spend all this time at work and doing their own thing all the while forgetting their family. Don't take them for granted. Alternate the friends trip yearly - every other year make the trip a guys only.

11) Break a world record.
Think of something. Attempt to break it. Most likely you'll fail. You'll have fun in the process. Loyal reader RW and I attempted to break the 400 M running world record held by Michael Johnson. We failed. It was fun as hell (video coming soon).

12) Immerse yourself in a hobby.
Take one of your passions and get extremely involved in it - make a song using free programs available on the internet, religion, photography, outdoor adventures, video editing, investing, travel, web design or environmental issues.

Live in a urban environment. Walk to the grocery store. Walk to work. Walk to the pizza joint. Walk to entertainment. Walk to Starbucks. Take advantage of public parks. Take public transportation. Don't use your car more than 3x a week. Buy a Vespa.

14) Hang only with people you want to hang out with.
Quit wasting time on the guy that you're not crazy about. The acquantaince that you don't have much in common with. Your 20's are too short to accommodate every guy you ever met in your life. Make it a goal to stop spreading yourself thin. You'll enjooy yourself more hanging only with your true "boys".

Oh yeah and I have one before turning 40.
1) Be able to wake up daily without the assistance of an alarm clock.

What are yours?

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At 10:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't use your car for more than 3x a week? I live in Orlando. It's way too hot to walk around town and don't even get me started on Lynx


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