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As I'm surfing the web tonight thinking of new slogan ideas, I came across a cool website. It's called Get Urban America - Teaching the Urban Lifestyle to America. This title alone captivates my attention. I read on. The description is right up Urban Eola's alley:
To teach Americans, a predominately suburban culture, about the joys and benefits of city living.
The founder Kyle Ezell, a nationally known certified planner, agrees with UE that there's nothing more unique and fulfilling than living in an authentic urban environment. He especially hates parking lots (read his breakdown of urban parking lots) and travels around promoting the urban lifestyle by teaching "Downtown Living Seminars" and writing books ("Get Urban"). He poses this question to suburbanites: How many people in your metro area?
  • Walk a mile around an indoor mall in the 'burbs and think nothing of it?
  • Consider it out of the question to walk five blocks to the store?


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At 11:22 AM, Blogger JB said...

his website is a joke compared to urbanE


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