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Urine for a long night

New Mexico aims to keep bar-hopping drunks off the road by nagging them at a place they're likely to visit just before getting behind the wheel: the men's room urinal. The state Transportation Department recently paid $21 each for about 500 talking urinal deodorizer cakes to put in men's restrooms at various bars and restaurants.

A New York-based company called Healthquest Technolgies is marketing the products under the Wizmark name. What a brilliant idea because like they always advise when at a urinal - "look straight ahead".

When a man steps up, the motion-sensitive plastic device says, in a woman's voice that is flirty, then stern: "Hey, big guy. Having a few drinks? Think you had one too many? Then it's time to call a cab or call a sober friend for a ride home."

The recorded message ends: "Remember, your future is in your hand."


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