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Best finish to a basketball game I've ever ever seen

Let me set the scene for you. But keep in mind that only watching the actual video will do it total justice.

- March 24, 2007.
- Division II National Basketball Championship.
- Barton College vs. Winona State.
- Winona has a two-year, 57-game winning streak (an NCAA D-II record).
- Winona is defending National Champions.
- Winona State has a student population of 8,000.
- Barton has 925 full-time students.
- Barton won their previous two games (quarters and semis) on last second shots by star - Anthony Atkinson (remember the name).
- CBS Sports national television.
- The game is truly a David vs. Goliath matchup.
- Winona is winning 74-67 with 45 seconds left.

Words can't describe the rest - watch the video below.

Read the article. And to top it off, a celebrating Barton player throws his jersey in the air and it lands on a Winona player's head (can be seen with 1:05 left in the video and also in more detail on today's SportsCenter's top 10 plays).

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