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Marathon minute

Marathons, marathons, marathons. They're everywhere nowadays and they're no longer just for very fit Kenyans. 432,000 Americans ran marathons in 2005 and that number is growing. 80-year-olds, yuppies, pregnant women and mid-lifers are all using the marathon as their own personal physical challenge.

The best resources for all your marathon needs are:

- Marathon Guide // one-stop shop includes race calendars, tips, etc.
- Runner's World Magazine // the best running magazine out there.
- Hal Higdon // his training programs even got me through two 26.2 milers.

New marathon/half-marathon races are popping up all the time, for example the ING Georgia Marathon, which is set for its inaugural run this Sunday. Check out this very neatly done race course simulation video (with fresh beats in the background).

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