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Everyone out there looking to become an urbanite (hopefully everyone reading this), here's a good site. New Urbanism is a website promoting good urbanism, smart transportation, transit oriented development, and sustainability.

I especially like their benefits to urban living, including (among tons of others):

Higher quality of life; Better places to live, work, & play; Higher, more stable property values; Less traffic congestion & less driving; Healthier lifestyle with more walking, and less stress; Close proximity to main street retail & services; Close proximity to bike trails, parks, and nature; Pedestrian friendly communities offer more opportunities to get to know others in the neighborhood and town, resulting in meaningful relationships with more people, and a friendlier town; More freedom and independence to children, elderly, and the poor in being able to get to jobs, recreation, and services without the need for a car or someone to drive them; Great savings to residents and school boards in reduced busing costs from children being able to walk or bicycle to neighborhood schools; More diversity and smaller, unique shops and services with local owners who are involved in community; Big savings by driving less, and owning less cars; Less ugly, congested sprawl to deal with daily; Better sense of place and community identity with more unique architecture; More open space to enjoy that will remain open space; More efficient use of tax money with less spent on spread out utilities and roads

Also, check out the New Urbanism principles:

1) Walkability
2) Connectivity
3) Mixed-Use & Diversity
4) Mixed Housing
5) Quality architecture & Urban design
6) Traditional neighborhood structure
7) Increased density
8) Smart transportation
9) Sustainability
10) Quality of life


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