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Yahoo Mail offers free unlimited email storage

I've always been curious to see who uses what when it comes to the free email accounts. Everyone has their preferences for one of the most popular three - Yahoo Mail, Google's Gmail, or Microsoft's Hotmail.

Yahoo Upping the Ante
It used to be that Google offered by far the most email storage space, but Yahoo today announced that they'll offer unlimited storage for their free email starting this May. Now you'll definitely never have to delete an email again. Check out this solid TechCrunch review/comparison of the three email giants.

Humble beginnings
I've used Yahoo Mail since 1999 (when the storage was 10 MB) and I was constantly deleting text emails to clear storage space. I remember the relief I felt when it was increased to 100 MB.

Note to AOL Users
If you're still using and paying for AOL you're stuck in the 1997 IM days and you're wasting your money. I expect UE readers to be more web savvy than that.

User Statistics (in millions) (from TechCrunch)
- Yahoo Mail -- 250 M
- Gmail -- 51 M
- Hotmail -- 228 M

Free Email Storage
- Yahoo Mail -- Unlimited
- Gmail -- 2.8 GB
- Hotmail -- 2 GB

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