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If you're like me and dig new technologies, urban areas and maps, you've got to download Google Earth 4. Read this review via the Orlando Sentinel downtown blog.

"Like many other satellite viewing programs, Google earth gives you stunning satellite pictures of virtually anywhere on earth. It's easy to type in an address and watch Google Earth instantly transport you there. But here's a great feature - using the sliding bar at the top, you can change the angle of the terrain so that you can view the surface at an angle.

3-D virtual tours
"Well, what good does that do? Aren't the satellite photos flat? Very true... but you can download 3-D images of buildings downtown - giving you a virtual 3-D tour of the city. After downloading Google Earth 4, go to the Google 3-D warehouse. Here you'll find many of the buildings modeled for downtown areas. Select one, and click on "View in Google Earth 4". You'll then be transported to that building's location."

Driving directions like nothing you've seen
I've always thought Google Maps is th best site to get driving directions. Well, Google Earth blows it away. When you type in a beginning and ending location, Google Earth actually flies you over a 3-D map of exactly what turns you're supposed to make. It's pretty badass. You should never get lost again. This software is totally addictive... be prepared to spend hours on this checking out different cities.

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