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Inspirational sports story hits close to UE

Duluth High School forward Mohamed Dolleh and Coach Gregg Tavani

The power of sports
Sports oftentimes teach you the best lessons in life. Teamwork, hard work, focus, and competition usually come to mind in terms of lessoned learned. At Virginia Tech, sports will help re-build school pride and ease the healing process after their tragic week.

A story close to Urban Eola
My older brother, Gregg, is the head soccer coach at Duluth High School in metro Atlanta. He's a successful coach (3 out the last 5 Georgia Final Fours), but his best characteristic is his passion and connection with his players. Duluth is a suburban school that has morphed from a mostly white, middle-class school to a very diverse school in just the 6 years. The soccer team is even more diverse. 70% of the starting lineup is Hispanic. My brother has players from all over the world on his team. Despite the language barrier and the lack of money for basics like cleats, Gregg embraces their passion for th game.

Read this story about the power of sports on my brother's team - Duluth soccer player survives rebel attack in native land

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