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I got beat to the punch on video resumes

My idea
Back in November of '06, I had a business idea that kept me up at night.

It was going to change the way people search for their career passions. It was going to make the job resume sexy and allow people to create their own career path. It was all planned out in my head. I even went as far as to quickly make a You Tube video (below) extolling its virtues & benefits.

Thoink Big: making the resume sexy
I had a couple of ideas for names, but settled on Thoink Big, in part because I already owned the domain. Young people would go to thoinkbig.com and upload a video that creatively and more effectively represented who they are to potential employers. It was going to replace the old-fashioned paper resume (big adjectives, cream-colored paper and all). And employers would log on the site to scout out what type of talent and creativity various job seekers really had.

The site came to be - unfortunately not mine
Brilliant idea, huh!? Due to lack of cash, time and high-end web programming skills, I did not go through with the concept.

But, in the mold of a great capitalist society, somebody else did.

Read the article: Job seekers begin to turn to video resumes for edge
Check out a video resume site: Work Blast

The concept of video resumes was inevitable. The old format prevented job seekers from allowing their "true colors" to come out - good or bad. Some people (me included) feel that once they get to the actual interview stage, the job is theirs.

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