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You know those famous "I love NY" shirts that you can get in New York City for like 10 for $10. Well there's an interesting story behind them. Also, recently I've noticed a couple of creative knock-offs popping up representing various cities and things with the heart being replaced by famous symbols including Brand Jordan, Austin, TX, and New Orleans (left to right above).

Check out this Love T-shirts, which has tons of knock-offs, some of them hilarious ones.

History (from Wikipedia):
In 1977, the New York State Department of Economic Development hired an advertising agency to develop a marketing campaign for New York City. Milton Glaser, a graphic designer, created the design, possibly inspired in part by the state tourism slogan Virginia is for Lovers which had featured a "Love" theme since 1969 (though without the Pop Art).

Glaser expected the campaign to last only a couple months and did the work pro bono. However, the design became a major success and has continued to be sold for years. The "I Love NY" design made its debut in 1977 with ads featuring Frank Sinatra, Morgan Fairchild and Yul Brenner.

The campaign is considered, by many, the most successful in history.

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