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The Kobold Watch story

Traditionally, I'm not a watch connoisseur. Among my collection of timepieces are a Nike stop watch ($50) and a New York City Chinatown Puma knock-off ($9 + $8 battery replacement). It's not because I don't appreciate high-end watch design and fashion (because I totally d0), it's just that I normally can't justify spending crazy amounts for something that does the same my thing my cell phone does.

The highly enjoyable, increasingly profitable life of Michael Kobold
With that said, as of today I'm interested in the designer watch industry. I just finished reading a truly interesting article in Inc. Magazine about Michael Kobold, a German-born 27-year-old who started luxury watchmaker Kobold Watch Company his freshman year in college. Kobold has had a passion for watches since a young age and essentially became the first to sell luxury watches over the internet in 1999.

Kobold, the little watch manufacturer out of Pittsburgh who employs a staff of three, has become a big-time player in the interesting world known as the luxury watch business. The Kobold watches are truly fresh-looking and nowadays famous Kobold wearers include Bill Clinton and James Gandolfini among others.

The kicker: Kobold promises to produce no more 2,500 watches in a single year and the watches range from $2,400 to $30,000.

Read the intriguing Inc. article; it's worth the 7-page read. The Greatly Improbable, Highly Enjoyable, Increasingly Profitable Life of Michael Kobold

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