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Life's short, get a divorce

All lawyers are required to take a professional responsibility test before they are admitted into the bar. One of the rules on the test deals with lawyer advertising. There's no secret why most legal ads say "Injured?" and have a picture of some cheese ball lawyer in front of a stack of books.

Setting a new standard
A Chicago law firm specializing in divorce has completely topped them all. Fetman, Garland & Associates, an all female law firm posted a billboard of a dude with a 6-pack and a well-endowed chick, with the message "Life's short, get a divorce". The male posing in the billboard is Fetman's (divorced herself) personal trainer. But, the best part about the billboard is that it's located in a young, hip area of Chicago otherwise known as the "Viagra Triangle". Chicago billboard turns heads - Chicago Times.

The advertisement has been ripped by legal pundits everywhere. But, I agree with the law firm, which defends the billboard by saying that anyone that gets a divorce because of a billboard should be getting one anyway. Plus, the ad's creative and blows the any other legal advertising out of the water.


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