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Update: watch ad stats

The Xezo Incognito is a limited edition timepiece; only 500 have been produced

After my recent post on high-end watches (The Kobold watch story), I've been noticing that watch ads are everywhere. And for the most the most part they are boring, lame and non-creative. In the May 2007 Men's Health issue alone, there are:

8 watch advertisements
5 out of the 8 (*) put themselves out there as Swiss watches (whatever that means)

- ESQ*
- Raymond Weil* (featuring Ahmad Rashad & Steve Nash)
- Oris*
- Breitling*
- Citizen eco-drive (featuring race car driver Michael Waltrip)
- Timex (not really a high-end watch, but promoting sleek, new T Series)
- Garmin (also not a "designer watch", but the GPS-enabled sport watch probably has better features than the really expensive ones on this list)
- Xezo* (never heard of it, but possibly the best looking watch on this list)

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At 10:27 PM, Blogger rudy said...

why is it that 99% of all watch adds have the watch time as 10:10 (or very close to it)? Is it because that time creates a smile face effect which people relate to happiness?


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