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Waiting on the world to change light green

John Mayer is not only a very talented musician, he's also a socially conscious one. You can tell from quotes and in interviews that he's not one of those shallow, materialistic, all-about-themselves celebs.

Waiting on the world to change
His 2006 song "Waiting on the world to change" (no doubt one of the top 5 songs of all time) obviously has meaning as the name implies. Well, John has a blog in which he explains the meaning behind the song and his cerebral view of the environmental movement. Before you say to yourself "I've heard enough about this topic", check out his blog.

The Light Green approach
His thoughts are legitimately some of the best, and more importantly most realistic, takes on being good to the earth. He talks about getting people to go "light green" - where people go about their normal (over-consuming lives) while only changing one aspect of their consumption (like switching to cheaper and longer lasting CFL bulbs).

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