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It's all about the bottles with Voss Water

Nowadays, water is more expensive than gasoline and for some reason, eh-hem creative marketing campaigns, bottled water has taken off in popular culture.

It has gotten to the point where it is actually fashionable to carry around certain brands of bottled water (Fuji water, Vitaminwater, etc). However, no bottled water company is more trendy and popular than Norwegian Voss Water (Wikipedia entry).

7 bucks a pop
Have you seen the Voss bottles? They're simple, modern and made of solid, see-through glass. There's really nothing to the bottles except for the fact that they look totally bad ass. Like some type of fine vodka. This past weekend just about everyone at Sutra Lounge in Atlanta was buying them for $7 a pop. And this is lounge that serves alcohol.

Lesson in branding
It really is a great lesson in branding and makes you realize that the actual product (water in this case) could suck, but if the style and popularity of the brand are strong, then the brand has a chance at being successful. I'm not saying Voss Water sucks (I've actually never had it; something about $7 a bottle), but I'll say the guy who came up with the bottles deserves a raise, not the owner of the Voss water well. Not one person in that lounge could tell the difference between pure artesian Norwegian water (Voss) and Fulton County tap water. But they sure know them bottles.


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At 6:28 PM, Blogger Carson said...

i have had voss water before, and i thought it was really good. i ordered it at some restaurant in florida because the water in florida tastes funny. anyway, i have remembered the name of it for several years because i really liked it. i think that it might have been in a blue bottle back then.


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