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Man vs. Wild

When it comes to loyal reader JRandallB's taste in women, clothing and sports, I have very little faith in him. However, I listen when he speaks this highly of a TV show. Here are his thoughts:

have u ever watched man vs wild on the discovery channel? i just started watching it and it legitimately might be the coolest show on tv...u have to check it out

Check it out
Fridays at 9 PM on the Discovery Channel (starting in June)

About Man vs. Wild
In each episode of Man vs. Wild Bear strands himself in popular wilderness destinations where tourists often find themselves lost or in danger. As he finds his way back to civilization, he demonstrates local survival techniques, including escaping quicksand in the Moab Desert, navigating dangerous jungle rivers in Costa Rica, crossing ravines in the Alps and surviving sharks off Hawaii.

> Man vs. Wild (YouTube clip)
> Man vs. Wild (Wikipedia)
> The 'Man' - Bear Grylls (Wikipedia), personal website


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At 8:48 AM, Blogger rudy said...

Loyal Reader JB is absolutely correct. That show is totally boss. You haven't lived until you've seen Bear escape dehydration in an African dessert by drinking the water out of elephant dung.

At 10:02 AM, Anonymous TC said...

I'm a Discovery Channel junkie and I Tivo Man vs Wild, but I think Survivor Man (Also on Discovery) is a better show. I think because survivor man doesn't have a film crew. He shoots everything himself, making his survival experience that much more difficult. Although, Bear is a total badass and a little crazy. (Did you see when he climbed down a waterfall using rope he made from some branches? Or when he pee'd on a shirt and wrapped it around his head to keep himself cool.)

At 8:59 AM, Blogger JB said...

I can't say anything about the women comment, i understand where you are coming from when you think some of my sports ideas are suspect (you can't comprehend them), but i take real offense to you talking about my clothing!!


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