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Viva Las....

I'm heading west to Vegas for the first time ever and instead of coming up with something witty and cliche-filled at 2:20 AM with my flight only 7 hours away, I'll leave it to ESPN Page 2 columnist Bill Simmons, who writes in his entertaining article We'll Always Have Vegas:

In many ways, Vegas has become the ultimate cliche, a swollen self-parody of itself, as exemplified by the "Whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" campaign and all the overcrowded weekends. But it's still a Hall of Fame male bonding place. That's why we'll go next year, and the year after that, and the year after that ... and maybe we'll be sitting at the Saturday dinner in a few years talking about colonoscopies, mortgages and braces, but at least we'll be laughing and busting each other's chops like always.

Vegas, baby.


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