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Coke's "Sue Zero" viral ads

Tonight as I was catching up on an old issue of Men's Health magazine, I noticed a funny looking ad that looked a lot like a law firm advertising a class action lawsuit [Read Can't Tell Your Coke Ads Apart? Sue Someone and How Coke Punk'd Its Lawyers]. The ad is slightly dated and has a cheesy picture of a guy in a monkey suit and asks in big letters "Are you the victim of taste confusion?"

At first, I was taken and thought that some class desperate, wannabe class-action lawyer actually ponied up the money to get onto the pages of Men's Health magazine. I even typed the website into my computer only to notice "attornies" was spelled wrong. And the ad and website do a good job of keeping the ad's sponsor, Coca Cola, discreet. It took me about 5 minutes to find any Coke affiliation. You can't put anything past those pesky lawyers - or Coke ad execs. Check out the Sue Zero ad campaign website. They even made a pretty funny YouTube video to go along with it.

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At 1:41 PM, Blogger rudy said...

I know the guy from Dalton. He was at my wedding and basically humped my wife on the dance floor. He had to join the SAG just like Yogi. I wonder if he'll pull $30 grrr from his ad.


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