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New movies on your TiVo

Great find from the guy who's coming up with just about all UE's content recently, RW.

Have you ever wanted to see a film but didn't want to order it on Netflix and wait for it to come in the mail? And what if you just couldn't find the time to get out to your local Blockbuster and rent a copy? TiVo has teamed up with Amazon to make sure that you can get a wide variety of films delivered directly to your TV screen without ever leaving home. The pricing for the newly revamped "Amazon Unbox on TiVo" service runs about $2 for older films and $4 for new releases. The service was initially launched last winter, but back then you had to select your movie and watch it on your computer. This new upgrade lets you watch it right on your plasma TV.

Best of all, this new technology marks a great stride toward IPTV or internet protocol television. With IPTV, the internet offers the ability to completely control the content on your screen. Here in America, we lag behind many other countries in internet and tech advances because of the shared monopoly of the cable and phone companies. But there's more neat stuff like this coming down the pipeline. Imagine the day when you'll basically have the entire Hollywood archive of movies at your fingertips. Get ready to break out the microwave popcorn! [via Clark Howard]

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