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Oakland, CA is whistlin' over Bubb Rubb and Lil' Sis

This video sent by first time submitter Nov is absolutely hilarious.

Watch the whole thing (it's only 2:21), but the hysterical scenes are at :45, :52, 1:34, and 1:48. Or pretty much any scene in which Bubb Rubb "woot, woots" or drives erratically (at 1:48 and by far the funniest part of the video).

Great work and keep 'em coming Nov.

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At 12:35 PM, Blogger Michael said...

This is old news. Hysterical, but old. If you want to keep your college crowd interested, we're gonna need some fresh content.

At 11:23 PM, Blogger Michael Tavani said...

My bad, I just got Windows '95. Work with me.


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