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Drop the Polo horse and the LaCoste croc

The short sleeve, 2-3 button collared "polo" shirts are classic and timeless. I use polo because the brand's pretty much become the Xerox of these style shirts. I've seen pictures of guys in the 70's sporting them with the same gusto that you see guys wearing them today. Nothing's changed. Even the LaCoste alligator has made acomeback in the last five years.

Let's face it: It's hard for men to express their individuality in a polo. Between the Polo horse and the Lacoste croc, there's not much noticeable difference. That's probably added to their classic-ness, but now there's a new company named Attus Apparel looking to buck the trend of the common cotton pique shirt.

The logos on their slim-fit distressed polos include a "40" and an outline of a toilet bowl among others. The Lexington, Kentuck-based company claims to have a lot more creative ideas in store.


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At 6:03 AM, Anonymous roven said...

Colors Polo Shirts are so beautiful. Every one like to have them. Cool designs with comfort sizes.


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