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The weekend in numbers

Great stats via Men's Health:

- When the average guy feels like his weekend is starting:
The second he leaves work on Friday
- Number who say it starts on Thursday:
1 in 5

- The average guy's favorite parts of the weekend:
Saturday morning and Saturday night

- Number of men who overeat on weekends:
3 in 5

- Average increase in calories taken in on weekends, compared with weekdays:
115 calories (equaling 5 pounds a year)

- Number of men who work out less on weekends:

3 in 4

- Percentage of men who exercise only on weekends:


- The average guy's favorite thing to do after waking up on Sunday:
Read the paper

- Number of men who will plan weekend's activities around a big game on TV:
2 in 3

- Average increase in TV viewing time on Saturday and Sunday, compared with weekdays:
42 minutes

- Number of men who still watch cartoons on Saturday morning:
1 in 5

- Percentage of men who have at least half of their sex on the weekends:

- Percentage for whom nearly all of their sex occurs on weekends:

- Average amount of extra Z's a man gets on the weekends:
1 to 2 hours

- Percentage of men who participate in a religious service on weekends:

- Percentage of chores the average guys sets for the weekend:

- Number of men who always check their work e-mail on the the weekend:
1 in 7
- Number who never check:
1 in 2

- Number of men who bring work home over the weekend at least once a month:
1 in 3

- Most common day for the average guy to call in sick:
- Second place:

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