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8 best looking athletic leisure shoes in the world

Some shoes just plain look cool - especially urban/retro athletic leisure shoes. Here's Urban Eola's list of the 8 all-time best looking leisure kicks in the world:

1) Adidas Rod Lever (white with any accent color) // Rod Laver was an Australian tennis pro in the 1960's. Like Stan Smith, an American tennis player around the same era, adidas gave him the honors of a namesake shoe. The Laver is ageless. No matter what accent color (the classic green, navy blue, green/orange) adidas uses for this shoe, as long as it's paired with the classic white, it's money. Looks good with any outfit. Old tennis guys and urbanites alike are sporting them.

2) Air Jordan IV (black/red) // MJ at his best. Look how much they're going for - $550! Notice they have the Nike logo on them - later models didn't. I've wanted a pair since I was in 4th grade when they came out.

3) New Balance 574 (navy blue/gray or gray/orange) // Classic look. Not to be confused with these (which I don't like at all). Started off as a hard core running shoe.

4) Nike Dunk Low // Originally a basketball shoe in the early 80's and turned into a pop culture phenomenon. There are about a million different customized Dunk Low's out there. You can customize your own at NikeID.

5) Nike Air Max 90 // One of many legends in the Nike Air Max running line.

6) Adidas Gazelle (royal blue with red bottoms) // First launched in 1968 as an all-around training shoe, it became the off-field shoe among soccer players. Look for the original ones with the different colored sole.

7) Vans Checker // I can't pull them off but Andy Roddick can. They've made a major comeback in the last two years after serving primarily as skater shoes in the early 80's. Rad.

8) Nike Lava Dome // Nike's first "All Conditions Gear" outdoorsy shoe. I actually picked up a pair at the Nike Outlet store for $18 a couple years back

If you notice one of the trends is that all of these shoes were once a top athletic shoe of their time. Now they're all worn for looks and leisure. While you're at it, check out this really cool looking show website: Flight Club New York. And this site's pretty cool: Capitol 1524 (a Seattle-based retro shoe store)

Random takes on urban/retro attire. As you can see "urban" and "retro" are used interchangeably. At Barnes & Noble last night, I saw some chick wearing a subway map t-shirt (order them here). It got me thinking that one of those would look pretty sweet with jeans and any of the kicks above. Kinda like this. As always, scouting fresh looks.

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