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Magazine death pool...who's next

I'm a huge magazine guy. I have 8 subscriptions, but I've heard ramblings that, as a whole, the magazine industry is struggling. Overhead costs are high and with RSS site feeds on the internet, the rise of plasmas, TV on demand, and about a thousand other entertainment options, who reads magazines anymore? I read them because they're a quick, mindless read that you can take anywhere (pool, toilet, beach) without worrying about them getting wet or taking them out of your bag at airport security. I pick up a magazine to look at the photos or read short, simple snippets that are visually appealing with lots of charts, graphs, etc. The way I see it, specialty/niche magazines are the only ones that have a chance.

I stumbled upon this site called Magazine Death Pool, which chronicles and predicts which magazines will go out of business next, with the latest being FHM. (EMap Shuts Down FHM Magazine in U.S.). Are magazines outdated? Or, like movie theatres and newspapers, will there always be a place for them? Let's hear your thoughts.

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