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25 years of Nike's Air Force

Nike's been running a pretty solid ad campaign around the "second coming" of their Air Force basketball line. To me, the best Nike ad campaigns are the ones that feature a look into their rich athletic history - and this does. The spots feature old timers like Jamaal Wilkes, Moses Malone and Charles Barkley and "the second coming" guys like Steve Nash, Kobe Bryant, Chris Paul, and Rasheed Wallace. Check out the official Nike Air Force site (click on the "25 years of Force" and the "Second Coming" buttons on the bottom left). Also check out the Air Force desktop background.

My only knock on Nike is that they divide up their various brands too much in ads - making it seem to the average person that Brand Jordan's Carmelo Anthony is sponsored by a different company as Air Force's Shawn Marion even though they're both techinically Nike guys.

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