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Should Urban Eola change names?

Currently Urban Eola is a site that offers daily posts on cool stuff that I'm interested in. Others have found it somewhat interesting as well - readership has reached about 200-250 unique visitors a day.

New name?
For almost 2 years this site has been named Urban Eola (urbaneola.com). I'm always thinking of ways to make it better. To that end, I purchased a new domain name, The Yup (theyup.com) which stands for The Young Urban Professional. It is the best domain name I have come across that sums up the content of this site.

The Young Urban Professional
Essentially everyone who reads this site is a young urban professional. The name stands for young people who are still hip (definition: fashionably current), but actually work for a living.

Urban Eola
pros: history, unique
cons: might be hard to spell/remember, doesn't represent the site's focus

The Yup
pros: easy to spell/remember, represents the site's content
cons: change from what people know, generic

At this point, I'm leaving the decision up to you. Note: you can only vote once per day.

Should the name of this site change to "The Yup"?
YES, that name is way better
NO, you'd have to be crazy
I'm undecided


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At 2:20 PM, Blogger JB said...

you are out of your mind....this is what im talking about when it comes to us and possibly starting a business!!! haha


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