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Every digital camera-carrying photographer (that's pretty much everyone who owns a camera or even a cell phone camera) has this problem... taking a picture of yourself or with others without asking the sketchball walking by to take it. Here's a pretty neat solution. [via FT]

For $25, Quik Pod offers a lightweight, plastic, telescoping support for your digital camera or camcorder. It screws directly into the camera's tripod hole and adjusts to any angle. The idea is that now you can take self-portraits without having to hand the camera to that sketchball. You can also shoot over crowds, under the car, etc. by easily setting the camera's self-timer to make it take the shot.

The Quik Pod's hand grip is rubberized to make it a more comfortable grip. And the whole thing is made of polycarbonate and aluminum, so it's waterproof, for use with underwater cameras.

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