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Good for them revisited

Let me preface this post by saying that I follow Hollywood culture because I like staying in the loop on trends in pop culture and for whatever reason a lot of these trends tend to originate in Hollywood. But I must say, Hollywood aint like it used to be.

As I've blogged about before (Good for them), Nick Lachey seems like a legitimate good guy. He's down-to-earth, humble and into sports. His new girl, Vanessa Minnillo is a hottie and seems like a good girl as well. I've seen recent pics of them doing real stuff - watching the USC-Notre Dame game this past weekend in USC gear and hanging with Nick's boyhood friends in his hometown of Cincy. Nick's brother, Drew also seems like a good guy and was one of my favorites on last season's Dancing with the Stars.

However, I'm writing this post because Nick's ex-wife Jessica has recently been linked to one of my all-time favorites, John Mayer. Good for them. He's definitely one of the most talented musisicians of this era. His current song, "Waiting for the World to Change" (play it to the right of his site) is pretty awesome. He also started his career in my hometown ATL, sports retro Nikes with jeans at his shows (an Urban Eola-endorsed look), and blogs on a MacBook Pro. All things making him a cool guy in my book. Jessica ain't bad either.

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