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Di*k in a box

From loyal reader BW:
In case your first Christmas/Hannukah present for your lady didn't go over well, here is your chance to make it up... especially if she likes boy bands and you like boxes. Watch the video (the ending is hilarious). Yes, that's Timberlake.
And while we're on the subject, check out this hilarious idea for a company - Huge Brand condoms. While the actual products within are of standard size, the box they come in is gigantic — perfect for average fellows in need of a compensatory boost.

Choose from the Nightcap (a pack of three), the Weekender (twelve), and the Extended Stay (36), depending on your plans (and stamina). Each comes with the word HUGE printed in suitably ginormous lettering so all who see it know just what they’re dealing with - until they deal with it.

Lastly on the subject, a revisit of one funny UE post.

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At 11:22 AM, Anonymous NB said...

hilarious post. All three things are comical.


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