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2007 SI swimsuit edition

Since 1964, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue has been a brilliant idea by Sports Illustrated. The best part is it allows guys to not look like pervs when buying the magazine (by the mailman or the grocery store clerk) because technically it's a "sports publication". That's what makes it great - the Swimsuit issue has nothing to do with sports. Singer Beyonce is on the cover of this year's music-themed edition. The issue came out yesterday, Valentine's Day. No irony there, huh?

I wonder what percentage of men order the $50 magazine subscription purely for this one issue. Check out the SI 2007 online version you "sports fanatics".

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At 3:01 AM, Anonymous J Billa said...

amen brotha...what would sports be without the hot women in swimsuits for our viewing pleasure? It would be dead...dead.

--J Billa (with the student loan scrilla)


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