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Urban Eola's 15 most beautiful people in the world (15-11)

This is the classic debate. It never gets old. Note: this list contains only women because frankly, guys aren't that good looking. Plus, the readership of Urban Eola tends to be mostly male. So this one's for you guys. Check back for the rest of the list.

15) Brooke Burke
14) Lee Hyolee
13) Jarah Mariano
12) Jennifer Aniston
11) Elin Grindemyr

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At 9:34 PM, Blogger rudy said...

One - Jennifer Aniston is wearing WAY too much clothing to be taken seriously for any top 15 most beautiful people list (that is only for guys). If you want her on the list, fine, but make sure she isn't wearing any clothes.

Two - What is #14 holding? It looks like a she is holding a certain male body part.


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