Urban Eola

Urban Eola's 28 best looking athletes (3-1)

Here's the breakdown (by sport):
tennis - 7 athletes
soccer - 5
football (American) - 5
basketball - 2
golf - 2
gymnastics - 2
swimming - 2
other sports (cycling, softball, skating) - 3

I guess this means tennis players are the best looking. I guess it has something to do with picking out your own style of clothes during a match and spending countless hours outside working on a nice farmers tan-less bronze.

view 28-24
28) Sebastian Telfair
27) Courtney & Ashley Kupets
26) Dwyane Wade
25) Sasha Cohen
24) Andre Agassi
view 23-19
23) Dominique Moceanu
22) Matt Leinart
21) Michelle Wie
20) Natalie Gulbis
19) David Beckham
view 18-13
18) Chris Evert
17) Ronde & Tiki Barber
15) Jenny Finch
14) Andy Roddick
13) Serena Williams
view 12-8
12) Lance Armstorong
11) Summer Sanders
10) Fabio Cannavaro
9) Amanda Beard
8) Tom Brady
view 7-4
7) Lorrie Fair
6) Freddie Ljungberg
5) Maria Sharapova
4) Reggie Bush

And the final three:
3) Anna Kournikova (tennis *retired, Russia) -- Many people would have her at #1. She didn't amount to much on the court, but off the court she's a head turner. Retired from tennis at a young age and pretty much just living off her looks now. Dating Enrique Iglesias (below). > Bio
2) James Blake (tennis, USA) -- Played tennis at Harvard, currently ranked 5th best tennis player in the world, friends with celebs like John Mayer and dating this (Jennifer Scholle). What a life. > Bio
1) Heather Mitts (soccer, US National team) -- You've seen her in the Under Armour commercials. She's dating backup NFL QB A.J. Feeley (below). Overall, she's well deserving of the title as Urban Eola's best looking athlete. > HeatherMitts.com

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At 2:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tom Brady? This puzzles me. I know he is popular, successful and someone dresses him well. But really? Look at his facial features and his hair compared to someone like Jake Plummer. Brady has a bull dog face and a little boy haircut. There is no way anyone would think someone like that is good looking if he didn't QB the Patriots. Although Plummer is no where near as successful and has been benched, he is by the best looking QB in the NFL.


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